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Here’s What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Sofa

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A sofa is an integral part of every living room. However, choosing the right sofa that completely fits you and your family is a demanding task as there are so many types of sofas available. The most important thing before buying a sofa is to understand the space you have and work with the style that would suit your living room best. Let’s get started on our step-by-step guide on how to choose the best sofa for your lovely home!

1. Choose the Correct Size

Start by measuring the room you have to work with. With the measurements at hand, make sure the sofa’s size fits with the rest of the furniture and doesn’t overwhelm the room. Sofas usually come in the standard 1-seater, 2-seater  and 2.5/3-seater, from which you can easily mix and match to fit your living room size. If odd corners are the issue, then try adding an accent chair or perhaps some poufs! That could be a creative way to accentuate your odd room without breaking the bank.

2. Invest in Sofas with a Strong Frame

Always look for a sofa that comes with a good, solid frame – it will see you through many years of wear-and-tear. A good quality sofa is also usually heavier because it is made with hardwood. Another thing to take note is to make sure the back of the sofa doesn’t feel hollow, as it is a mark of poor quality due to skimping on construction materials.

3. Find the Right Material for Your Lifestyle

Take a step back and understand your lifestyle before you decide on the sofa fabric. If you have pets or children and require a sofa that can easily be cleaned, a sofa with removable slipcovers will be your best bet. 

For a more refined and classic look, leather sofas will match you perfectly. Leather sofas, especially those that are made from pure aniline leather, gives that authentic, natural leather look that’s distinctively different from semi-aniline leather. Pure aniline leather sofas will require more care as this type of leather is given minimal treatment to the original material to maintain its natural-looking leather surface, whenever deemed possible by the leathersmith.

4. Choose a Sofa Based on your Needs

Ever wonder why you never want to get up from your seat sometimes? Aside from being really tired, the chair could be so comfortable, you just don’t want to do anything else but sit around the whole day. There are many types of sofas that are designed with special features to make it extra comfortable. 

A high-back sofa or a sofa with an adjustable headrest can provide good neck and back support, while a deep-seated sofa is the best for tall people. Some modern sofas even come with a recliner function that takes comfort to the next level.

5. Get an Ottoman!

What’s that, you ask? It’s the additional piece of furniture you buy with your sofa that allows you to rest your legs. More simply put, it’s a footstool. An ottoman’s a really useful piece of furniture that we think doesn’t receive enough credit. Nothing beats putting your legs up after a hard day at work! Did you know that it’s great for your health too? That’s almost the laziest form of exercise one can get! 

Besides the health benefits, an ottoman is also a space saver in a small place. Compared to a traditional L-shaped sofa, an ottoman is modular and can be shifted about. Just imagine, you’re having extra dinner guests over and you’re short of seats. Instead of borrowing chairs from your friendly neighbour, you can just pull the ottoman over to your dining table. Got a baby in your house? We all know that space is an integral part of a child’s development. With a loose ottoman, you can simply shift it from the living room to another corner of your house, so your child has more space to explore.

When buying a sofa, always remember to search for the best quality available within your budget. After all, you will be using it for a long time. We hope our guide on how to choose a sofa will be helpful when you purchase the most central and significant piece of your living room furniture.

Source: Comfort Furniture

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